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Working at South Bay Art Department Studios

Working at the South Bay Art Department


Growing up in Edinburgh I was lucky enough to be surrounded by wonderful art museums including the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.

Scottish Museum of Modern Art

This was one of my favourite art galleries that my mum used to take me as a child, and this is where I developed my love of modern abstract art (and the cakes in the cafe).

I have always enjoyed creating and painting and I won the School Higher Art award at Secondary (High) school. But it was the early '90s and I was encouraged into the more steady career path of chemistry. I ended up studying Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh, but I continued with my love of painting.

Watercolour of my neighbour's door from my mother's bedroom window

Watercolour of my neighbour's door from my mother's bedroom window

I have lived in several countries including Denmark and Switzerland but it wasn't until I moved to Redondo Beach, California, that I really began to paint in more earnest. I joined the South Bay Art Department and was greatly motivated by the teachers and artists there. I find the wildly varied landscapes inspirational - from the grungy downtown LA to the dry dusty desert to the ever-changing ocean as well as the green and luscious north. 

I always aim to try and convey the beauty I see in sometimes unusual places.

'Summer Road Trip'

'Palos Verdes'

'Sunset Pier'

I hope you enjoyed this brief introduction,


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