About the Artist

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I love walking and observing. I love the way nature intertwines the urban landscape. I've lived in different countries and I am fascinated and delighted by all the different vistas I have seen. Painting helps make sense of all the different sights I see. I want to convey the feelings of happiness, joy, peace and excitement I feel while I'm out walking or running. Sometimes I see things as a blur of colour or as a strong bold shape and this comes across in my abstracted or Fauvist paintings.

I enjoy and appreciate the way art can bring colour and happiness and joy or calm to a home or workplace and I want to create these feelings for people who purchase my art. I hope that I can present every day life and scenes in a new way and enable people to see beauty in unexpected places. As Edgar Degas said "Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."

I was raised in Edinburgh, Scotland and despite winning the Art Award at school for most promising artist, I actually studied Chemistry at university! But my passion has always been with art and creating beautiful things. Throughout my life I have painted but it is only more recently that I decided to pursue an art career.

I have lived in several countries but now live with my husband and daughter in Redondo Beach, California. My art is influenced by my time in Scotland, Denmark and Switzerland but Southern California has proven to be an infinite source of inspiration for creating new artwork. I am fascinated by the range of landscapes from the cities to the ocean to the desert and the mountains. I aim to try and recreate the joy I feel every day whilst observing the ever changing landscapes around me.

I enjoy many different styles of art but have always been drawn to modern, abstract and impressionist art. This is the direction I am currently moving in but I am constantly experimenting with different styles and techniques.


I hope you enjoy looking through my gallery!