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I have to say I have many ideas for paintings floating around my head and not enough time to try and paint them all! But one of my favourite sources of inspiration are the freeways and interchanges around Los Angeles where I live. I am originally from Scotland and here is a Scottish motorway (freeway):

And here is one of the many, many bridges and junctions in greater LA:

They are truly awe inspiring and quite frankly terrifying at times. They represent the massive population of the area and the mammoth tasks of engineering required to transport the millions of cars around each day. They also feature heavily in Hollywood films and are often shown being destroyed by aliens, blown up by the bad guys or crumbling during a natural apocalypse. So I drive on them with trepidation!

But they really do fascinate me. They are like giant sculptures in the sky creating amazing shapes and negative spaces. So I like to try and convey their 'beauty' by painting them in unusual colours, emphasizing their sculptural qualities. At certain angles they look like modern abstract art and I love it!

'Summer Road Trip'

"LA Living'

I hope that people viewing my artworks can see something of the beauty I see. And of course there are no cars, aliens or baddies on these roads so they represent my ideal driving conditions!

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