An Art Fair Journey - the trials and tribulations

Over the years I have done a few little art shows, fairs and art walks with varying degrees of success. El Segundo Art Walk has always been a great event for me where the people of South Bay come and walk around the different businesses in El Segundo and appreciate the array of different artists. I have sold several artworks here and met many wonderful people.

Artwork in print shop in El Segundo

My art exhibited in a print shop in El Segundo during one of the summer art walks.

Artwork displayed in interior design business

Here my artwork is in an interior design office during another El Segundo Art Walk.

Other art events have been less successful and I have had to endure standing for hours outside, with the sun beating down on me, without even a glance in my direction.

Art set up at local fair

Set up at local artisan fair.

The real issue with art fairs is the required commitment - not only do you need to pay a fee to take part in the fair, you also have to invest in the correct equipment. The photograph above is a good example of my half-hearted commitment. I have a borrowed table, table cloth, clothes horse, boxes etc which does not exude professional quality. And hence, potential customers just walk on by!

art booth example

Example of a quality art fair booth.

The above example is beautiful but a huge investment. The walls alone cost thousands of dollars and I can't help thinking I would need one of these to transport everything...

(my husband would secretly love one!)

But 2022 is a new year and I have a new resolve to try more art fairs with a more professional set up. I have been accepted into the Hermosa Fine Arts Festival in May so I have been scouring the internet for affordable canopies and wall ideas that won't break the bank or my car. I will be updating my progress in future blogs and letting you know if I've had to invest in a huge transportation truck!

So far I have learnt to have a greater appreciation of the people who set up for fairs and festivals as it is a huge task involving time, money and real commitment.

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I love this soooo much! Can’t wait to see you there!
Hope all is well!

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