Further Painting Inspiration

Further Painting Inspiration

I live in Redondo Beach in Southern California. My house is very close to the beach so I can't help but be inspired by the Pacific Ocean and the South Bay beaches. 

first time by the Pacific. Enjoying the waves. Squealing at the waves

This is me and my daughter standing in front of the Pacific for the first time, 5 years ago! We kept screaming like idiots as we were alarmed by the waves. My daughter loves swimming in the ocean now - I'm still terrified but I do it because I love the feeling of exhilaration!

The beach and ocean really are both calming and exhilarating and I am enthralled by the changing colors of the water. But I never feel inspired to just paint sky and water - I am always drawn to structures.

Abstract lifeguard tower. Unusual angle of lifeguard tower. Seascape art

'Ave B'

Misty Pier painting. Abstract pier painting in pastel colors. Manhattan Beach pier

'Misty Pier'

With these structures I love the negative spaces and I like the way I can play with colors within these spaces. I also like the way I can play with angles or views or perspectives. The piers and lifeguard towers are incredibly common subjects for artworks but I like to feel I bring a uniqueness with my style of painting and unusual color choices and angles.

Californian Coastal Sunset painting. Bright reds and oranges and yellows. Abstract Hermosa Beach Pier.

'Californian Coastal Sunset'

End of the Day painting. Fauvist lifeguard tower. Redondo Beach art.

'End of the Day'

I am constantly grateful that I am able to live so close to the ocean (though my friends do hear me complain about the mess of sand and the sun being too hot!) My family and I have had many wonderful days on the beach or cycling along by the ocean and we have enjoyed some amazing sunsets.

Sunset over the pacific. Southern California sunset

These colors just make me want to grab a paintbrush! So I'm off to paint and I will see you next week.

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