Getting out the studio!

I love creating art, but as it is also my job it can become a bit overwhelming. I often feel that I should constantly be painting or drawing and any time away from my studio or office is cheating. But, as with any job, it is important to have breaks. It is particularly important as an artist to go and seek artistic energy and inspiration. 

As I am inspired most by being outdoors it is particularly important I get outside my front door and I find running is the perfect excuse. I prefer trail running and this gives me the chance to see some beautiful scenes. Taking photos of the scenery also gives me the perfect opportunity to stop and catch my breath too!

cactus and flowers in palos verdes

stopping during Palos Verdes trail run to take a photo and breath!

Today I struggled up some trails in Palos Verdes Portuguese Bend Reserve and only really enjoyed the last half mile downhill. But these are the moments of happiness that I like to try and capture in my paintings.

view from Palos Verdes

view from top of trail

I also have moments of terror as I'm afraid of heights which make me view the landscape in a different light. Here is a painting I am working on using a photo from one of my trail runs where I had to sing to myself to get me down the trail again! I feel the colours I used help reflect some of the terror I felt!

Fauvist style landscape.

I can find myself caught up in my head when I am struggling with a particularly difficult painting. Trail running helps me to see things in a new perspective and gets me outside to experience new sights and inspiration.

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