Constantly Challenging

Constantly Challenging

I have a love of so many different styles of art and I just can't help jumping between them all - as you can see from the examples below.

'On the Rocks' abstract collage and acrylic

'Interchange' much less abstract painting! 

More realistic pencil drawings in my sketchbook

Artists often hear that we should have a definitive look or style, but I think it is important to constantly challenge yourself and get outside your comfort zone. This helps you to grow and develop as an artist. My current challenge is watercolor and it is very far outside my comfort zone!

'Coastal LA' new watercolor painting

I feel it should be easier but there is so much to learn. I am happy with some of my artworks:

'Fauvist' abstract landscape in watercolor and 'Freeways' watercolor

But I still need to practice:

This was where I tried to follow a tutorial by Watercolor artist Oliver Pyle. It did not turn out how I wanted but I still learnt from the process!

As I continue to challenge myself and learn I feel it is constantly helping with my acrylic paintings as I can use different techniques to develop the artworks.

'Palm Trees and Power Lines' new acrylic painting where I am trying to capture the glow and translucency off watercolor.

So I may work in a variety of styles with many different art materials but rather than viewing this as a negative I see it as a positive!

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave any comments.


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